I’ve been blogging for a long time… like, since the beginning… back when dinosaurs ruled the internet.  Back then, there were no “blogging tutorials” and WordPress (circa 2003) was extremely primitive (you added one of 3 existing plugins, and everything broke.) There was no one to learn from. It was all trial and error, mixed with a little bit of luck.

Needless to say, I have learned A LOT, from this approach- more than I ever could have learned from one of the many blogging courses that exist today.

I’ve also been offered countless lucrative opportunities to create a blogging course myself.  While there is nothing wrong with making money online from these courses, it just didn’t vibe with me.

What did vibe, was sharing my strategies for FREE, and infusing the blogosphere with individuals focused on publishing high-quality, contribution-focused content… with an ethical approach.

So here it is… all the strategies I have used to make millions of dollars blogging, without ever cheating the system, or my readers, and while also pushing contribution and focusing on making the world a better place.