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I have created JENIUS, a unique business school to help early entrepreneurs start, market and scale their first "relaxed" online business, with a focus on my signature strategies for automation, passive income, and contribution.

I have opened the doors to a small group of "Founding Students" who are ready to create their first business while allowing me to perfect the curriculum based on their feedback.
Founding Students will receive a heavily discounted lifetime tuition offer, and extensive hand-holding throughout the launch of their first business.... all while learning the foundations needed for any successful internet business.

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This is a LIMITED opportunity, that I will not be able to offer again, simply because the school will grow and more students means less 1-on-1.

You will have highly detailed, self-paced video lessons, resources, printables, and group coaching where I can personally guide you through your specific business setup.

To get started, book a Strategy Session, where we can discuss your goals and business options. After this, you can decide if Biz School is right for you.

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Online-BIZ SCHOOL: Startup 101 Course

Getting Started: Biz School begins with, "Business Startup 101," a course designed to take even the most inexperienced individual through the step-by-step process of creating a successful online business with a 7 figure, passive income foundation. This includes having your website up, an initial business plan, marketing plan and first readers/clients, etc.

How long does it take? Your first online biz could be up and running in as little as 2 months, even if you have 0 experience, no idea what you want to do, and very little time on your hands.


Biz School is many courses in one. There's no need to purchase a different course for each aspect of your business. I'll walk your through your first online business setup, & then teach you multiple ways to make more money, market, automate and more.

Save yourself the learning curve

My 24+ years of internet entrepreneurial experience will save you YEARS of learning curve trial and error.

Lifetime Access

Tuition once, learning forever. All current and future courses and lessons will be available to you whenever you need, whether it's your first online business or your 5th, you will still have access to the content and resources.

What will I be learning?

The first version of Online-Biz School will be live in early April, 2022. This will include video lessons, printables, audios, and worksheets designed for self paced learning. 

THIS IS A VERY DETAILED LEARNING EXPERIENCE: I am working hard to keep 101 (the first course) as simplified as possible, however following courses are VERY DETAILED, and thorough.

I also cover a lot of psychology based principles and strategies- for your own success mindfulness, as well as to connect with your audience.

This is a self paced course, where lessons can be covered on your schedule.  Our live coaching calls are optional, where questions may be submitted beforehand and a recording will be available online for review at your convenience. So even if you cannot attend, you can still get your answers.

In the introduction stage, we go over mindset practices, and basic principles to help you maintain the most efficient business set up as possible.

Business Setup 101 is designed as baby steps, focused on the absolute basics for getting started. I keep this as simple and low tech as possible, with more advanced lessons available as you become more familiar with internet business.

1. We start by introducing the 4 online business models you can choose from:

– Online Education (Courses, etc.) 

– Agency (Offering Services)

– Influencer (Blogger, etc)

– eCommerce (Selling Products coming in 2023

2. Then we use proven exercises to discover a niche that is right for you, based on your gifts, expertise, goals, and desired lifestyle. 

3. Once we discover your topic, we move on to step by step market research, using a strategy that brings raises your confidence, erases imposter syndrome, brings in early sales (even before your business is up) and nails down all details you need for your business and marketing.

There is no high tech used, although technical assistance will be available when we build and create your business’s online presence.  Video guides walk you through setup, focusing on simplicity. Should you have any problems, myself or my staff will step in to help you.

4. Marketing. We put together an initial marketing strategy using social media, SEO (search engine/organic traffic,) email capture, etc.  The strategies applied are based on your particular business model, niche, and your comfort zone.

By the end of this phase, your business is officially up and running.

5. Once your business is set up…. we get into the good stuff!  We delve deeper into strategies to grow your business. This includes adding additional income streams, incorporating more advanced marketing tactics, and exploring tools and resources to scale your revenue:

– In-depth marketing through email and social media , branding, and an introduction to advertising.

– Affiliate marketing; making money with affiliate links or starting your own affiliate program.

– Extreme automation; how to use testimonials and low-tech funnels to turn your business into passive income.

The freedom my work provides, has allowed me to give my son an incredible life already. By the age of 5, he had been to 12 countries, including Scotland (pic location) where we chased the Loch Ness Monster for a month. Knowing that I can help him create an online business that could make him a millionaire before he is even finished with high school… well, that’s a beautiful feeling I'd love to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yayyyy! You can start by reviewing the current program details, and if it sounds like something you are interested in, hit that shiny button at the top of this page, that says “Book a Strategy Call.”

I’ll ask you some questions, give you direction on a business model and strategy. You can then choose to do it on your own, or join Biz School. There is never any pressure- I’m happy to help you “work less and play more” on whichever path you choose. 😊

You schedule a call with me personally using the button at the top of the page. We will have a friendly chat (I’m chatty!) and I can  ask you a specific set of questions designed to help you learn which online business model and potential niche is  right for you.

I’ll provide direction for you, and you are welcome to pursue that business plan on your own, or join Biz School and let me coach you.

This is NOT a sales call (I don’t believe in selling) and I genuinely enjoy helping people “work less, and play more” by steering them in the right direction and opening their eyes to their potential opportunities.

It is possible to have money coming in within a few weeks of starting my process. I have seen more than one student bring in more than $20,000 in 3 weeks (with hard work and 100% dedication.)

On average, it is possible within 5 to 6 weeks, depending on your dedication, business topic, and how much time you can dedicate.

Average is between 5-8 weeks for complete set up, dedicating part time hours. The timeline can vary widely based on the business model chosen, the amount of time you can dedicate to set up lessons, etc. Some students may have their complete business set up in 3 weeks.  

I keep this as low-tech as possible, however, should you get stuck, our Founding Students small group number will allow myself or my staff to enough time to step in and help you in  a timely manner.

Every business has expenses, however I believe in keeping things lean- at the start, and always.  

The minimum expense is around $60 for your first year of website hosting and domain registration (web address.) 

Should you require additional tools, there is almost always a free option that I will share, or an upgraded option with a 30 day free trial period.  

Example expenses:

If you are starting an agency business model, you shouldn’t need anything else at this time.

If you are building an online course, an additional $39 a month for your teaching platform will be necessary (free for 30 days.)

If you are starting a store, an additional $30 a month will be necessary for your shop (after free trial.)

For my own 7 figure businesses, my expenses have run between $600 and $1200 a month. This is to manage significant traffic, millions of readers, etc.

The course is completely self paced, allowing you to take the lessons on your schedule, and you have lifetime access- so learn and proceed at your pace.

Group coaching calls will be on Tuesday mornings at 8:33 am. Student questions can be submitted beforehand, and calls are recorded on Zoom, then available online for you to review at your convenience.  So even if you are unavailable during call times, you can still get answers, and learn from these sessions when you have time.

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