About Me

Jeni Hott, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Humanitarian

Hello, I’m Jeni Hott, and I’m known as “that 7 figure blogger that never works.” (I do work; I just use smarter not harder tactics.)

You may have seen me speak, heard me on the radio, or know me from the documentary, “Living Dot Com,” where I was acknowledged for crossing $100k/month and 100 million blog visits back in 2013- giving a little more clout to the blogging world.

For more than 18 years, I have been creating 6, 7 and 8 figure blogs and online businesses with multiple passive income streams…while working only a few times a year and taking up to a year off.

My first online business was back in 1997… I hand-coded the ugliest AOL website and sold rare and exotic seeds successfully… well, enough to cover my college book expenses and some wild music concerts. It wasn’t until 2006, that I would explore this new thing called, “blogging.” An inspiring story in itself, which you can read here: How I started.

Out of necessity, I developed what I call, “extreme automation strategies” which allowed me to scale my income to 7 figures, while traveling the world for nearly 5 years, living in Westins, and working only 3 or 4 times a year. The best gift though, was being able to work minimally, while focusing on being a mom for the first time. It is a lifestyle I am incredibly grateful for, and one that I truly enjoy helping others achieve.

Jeni Hott AdSEnse 2019 - Copyright Brilliantetc.com
My advertisement earnings for one year that I took off “work” and traveled the world, living in Westins and having the time of my life.

What I do….

I’m a professional blogger, internet marketer, entrepreneur, speaker, humanitarian… and I absolutely love to teach.  I have more than 15 years of experience as a 6 and 7 figure online entrepreneur and passive income strategist. For the last 7 years, I focused on being a mom, while testing out various ways to make money online as a hobby; I successfully expanded my expertise beyond blogging, starting eCommerce businesses, online courses, youtube channels and so much more.

Last year, I decided it was time to create something BIG again. After getting my doctorate in Naturopathy and Holistic Health, I was looking in the health niche…. only to realize I wasn’t waking with that spark I once had for starting new entrepreneurial projects.

I soon realized the only days I was JUMPING out of bed, excited to start my day, was when I was helping someone else start their new online business.

When a friend of my belated sister and niece, (whom I lost as a result of domestic violence in 2017) asked me for help, it woke something in me and I realized that’s all I wanted to do- was help people.

I now help savvy aspiring entrepreneurs like you, create and elevate your online business through ethical, strategic “smarter, not harder” online business strategies… and then go on vacation while the money flows.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Recognized by Google as one of the most widely read bloggers on the web, with over 100 million visits to her blogs.
  • Longtime collaborator with both Google America and Google Latin America on AdSense for testing and general insight.
  • Considered to be the first truly successful blogger in the world, bringing new light to “blogging” in the business world.
  • One of the highest earning bloggers in the world, for over 15 years.
  • Known for humanitarian efforts and contribution.
  • Featured in Living Dot Com documentary, and countless TV, radio, and podcast interviews, etc.

On a Personal Note…

When I’m not creating content, working with my team, or coaching students, you can find me at my favorite yoga studio, on a flight, boxing, beaching in the caymans, racing camels in Egypt, sitting with chieftains in Fiji, lost in the Pacific islands, sailing the Nile in a ballgown, driving race cars, exploring vineyards, hiking ruins in Mexico, or learning tango in Argentina. 

I am living & loving the laptop lifestyle!

  • I’m mother to an adorable little boy named London… who is already better at coding than me.
  • I live by my family’s motto of many generations: “When work cuts into play, it’s time to cut out the work.” Hence my “Work less, play more” logo. I also “pay it forward” on the daily.
  • My personality type is ENFJ – the humanitarian.
  • I collect degrees for fun, and I’m currently working on my 2nd doctorate.
  • I am THE social butterfly- I’m happiest surrounded by a few dozen of my closest friends.
  • My ringtone has been the Pink Panther instrumental for nearly 15 years.
  • I lost both my baby sister and 11 year old niece as a result of longterm domestic violence, and now support a number of related charities.
  • I’m on my second passport. I’m absolutely travel-obsessed and love living abroad: I’ve lived in Mexico, Australia and the UK. I can wake up in the morning and spontaneously end up in Cabo that evening…. and then stay for a few months.
  • I’m always looking for new things to try- Whether it’s unusual foods [bacon martinis (recommend), hairy pig-back (do not recommend), and dirty chips in Edinburgh (haggis on french fries). Jumping out of planes, boxing, or extreme water sports- I’ll pretty much try anything twice!
  • Founder of The GBU Organization: To date, I have started 3 NonProfit organizations including upcoming, GBU; an organization that serves to unite bloggers for humanitarian causes, while also providing resources and ethical guidelines for a better blogosphere.

How I started blogging…
My story is an interesting one, and I hope it inspires you…

In 2006, I had moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from the US. That year, I earned around $1,300… for the entire year. When I first started blogging, there was very little in the way of instruction guides for making money online,  let alone on “how to make money blogging.” Back then, I would have given anything to have that available. I now count this as a blessing because I was forced to learn through years of trial and error, ultimately developing my own strategies that really work. It led me to learn what truly brings the money in, ethically and with as little effort as possible.  If you would like to hear the entire story, read on: How I started Blogging or watch this video: Jeni Hott – 7 Figure Blogging Tips.