I heard of a few tricks for using Google Search that really helped me become a more efficient “Googler.”  I was so happy with these new tips, I decided to do a little research, find more, and share them with all of you!

Google Search Secrets

  1. If you have gmail and you’re logged into your google account, you can type “My packages” into google search and a list of your recent shipment orders will appear.
  2. Search for “My reservations” Your upcoming hotel stays.
  3. Search for “My Trips” and get your upcoming flights.
  4. “Topic Here site:edu” – Search results from education sites only.
  5. “Topic Here site:DomainHere.com” – Search results from a specific domain only.
  6. “Topic Here file:ppt” – Find powerpoint presentations on any topic.
  7. “Topic Here file:pdf” – Find pdf’s on any topic.
  8. Use Google Search as a calculator.  * multiplies, / divides.  Type your math problem into Google Search and… not only will Google not only solve the problem but a calculator will appear for your next equation.
  9. Find the most recent/current results for a search phrase.  Enter your search topic, then click “Search Tools” below search bar.  You can choose Any Time, Past Hour, Past 24 Hours, Past Week, Past Month, Past Year or Custom.
  10. “Specific Phrase in quotes”
  11. Exclude a word from search results:  “Blogging Tips -webinar.”
  12. Wondering what a plant, animal or landmark is? Drag a picture from your desktop into the Google search bar of Google Images.  Google will provide webpages with similar photos.

One last little known secret…. Did you know you can make your own Google Logo?  Get the tutorial here.

There you have it- Now you may go forth as a Ninja Googler, yourself!

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