For years, I kept a personal blog at blogbrilliant, and  Call me crazy, but I felt it was time to start anew, and provide all new resources and tutorials on a domain that I’ve been hoarding for “something good.”  Well, this is it.  I’m excited to be starting fresh, and not have to worry about rewriting out of date how-to’s.

Here’s what is coming….

I’m rewriting my “How to start a blog” tutorial, and setting up a mini course for those who want to know how I set up those 6 and 7 figure blogs.  These will include everything necessary to create a blog with the necessary foundation for a long and fruitful business.

If you’ve heard me speak, or have been following me for a while, you know I’m big on ethics and “following the TOS.” I never believe black hat is necessary, nor do I believe it is the easiest approach to MMO (making money online.)  Everything I teach here, will follow the rules.

I’m also working on several templates, including “maps” for niche blogs, ad heat maps, affiliate earners, etc.

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  1. Hello There! I’m glad to see you have a new blog! I’m looking forward to reading your posts again Jeni.

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