"This is the first time in history, where every person has the opportunity to have a voice, and make a difference... that's the real power of the internet."
~Jeni Hott, Living Dot Com Documentary


Jeni Hott


Hello, I’m Jeni Hott, and I’ve spent the last 15+ years known as “@brilliantjeni, the 7 figure blogger that never works.”


I’d say it didn’t happen overnight, but it kind of did, and it’s an inspiring story I share when I’m on speaking on stage, or interviewing for documentaries and podcasts.

The short version is… I started out in corporate… Miserable. Went to freelance. Struggled. Eventually, I had an inspiring moment, standing on a cobblestone street in Mexico…. fast forward to a few months later, where I had learned through trial and error, how to actually make money online.

It was amazing, but it came at the cost of my hands. Working 18-24 hour days, I developed what I now know, is trauma-induced osteoarthritis and tendonopathy.

I did not let that stop me. Instead of quitting, I became obsessed with automation. 

It took me 2 years to become a 6 figure blogger. It took me another year before Google called to tell me I was the first 7 figure blogger, and offered me a deal to make even more.

Since then, I have comfortably worked only a few times a year… creating multiple 6 and 7 figure online businesses of all models, and using my skills to help millions of people along the way.

Get to Know Me

Jeni Hott

Entrepreneur | Humanitarian

Meet Jeni Hott, a pioneering blogger who has garnered recognition from Google as one of the most widely read bloggers on the web, with over 100 million visits to her blogs. 

As a long-time collaborator with both Google America and Google Latin America on AdSense, Jeni has contributed to the testing and general insight of the platform. 

Jeni is considered to be the first truly successful blogger in the world, bringing new light to the use of “blogging” in the business world. 

In fact, Jeni has been one of the highest earning bloggers & online marketers in the world for over 15 years. In addition to her professional successes, Jeni is known for her humanitarian efforts and contributions. 

While Jeni has largely stayed behind the scenes during her career, she has been featured in the Living Dot Com documentary and has been interviewed on numerous TV, radio, and podcast shows.