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Jeni Hott

Entrepreneur | Humanitarian

About Jeni Hott

Welcome! I’m Jeni Hott, a pioneer in the online business world, celebrated as the first 7-figure blogger and a top 1% highest-earning internet marketer globally. With 27 years of online business experience and 17 years as a passive income expert, my journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

My Story

I started like most, struggling and working hard for money. It wasn’t until I developed trauma-induced osteoarthritis and suddenly had challenges with my hands that I became obsessed with automation… and it changed my world.

In 2006, I ventured into the emerging world of blogging. By 2008, my blogs were reaching millions of people each month, which led to a unique offer from Google. This recognition marked the beginning of my journey as the world’s first 7-figure blogger. Achieving $100,000 a month allowed me to automate my business, and I spent nearly five years traveling the world, while working only a few times a year. This lifestyle not only brought financial success but also immense personal freedom and joy.

Professional Achievements

  • First 7-Figure Blogger: Recognized by Google, my blogs attracted over 100 million visits, establishing me as one of the most widely-read bloggers.
  • Top 1% Internet Marketer: My innovative strategies in digital marketing placed me among the top earners in the industry.
  • Passive Income Expert: For over 17 years, I’ve built multiple 6-7 figure online businesses, enjoying the freedom of relaxed income.
  • Extreme Automation Specialist: Mastered automation strategies that allowed me to scale my income while working minimally.
  • Humanitarian Efforts: Known for my contributions to various charities, particularly those addressing domestic violence.

My Philosophy

I live by a simple yet profound family motto: “When work cuts into play, it’s time to cut out on work.” This philosophy has guided me to create a life where work compliments play, and success does not come at the expense of personal happiness.

TimeRich™ Program

Through my TimeRich™ program, I help entrepreneurs build passive and relaxed, profitable income streams. Using the strategies that fueled my success, I guide my clients to financial freedom through SMART business and marketing strategies with digital products and courses. My approach refines business foundations for ease, automates processes, and develops sustainable income streams for ultimate freedom.

Personal Touch

When I’m not creating content or coaching students, you can find me at my favorite yoga studio, traveling the world, boxing, or exploring new hobbies. I am a proud mother to an adorable little boy named London, who is already showing a knack for coding and internet marketing himself, and I’m so proud.

I invite you to join me on this incredible journey towards creating a business and life you truly love. Together, we can build something remarkable.