It was 2 Years ago yesterday, that my little sister, Cristi, took her own life, along with my beautiful niece, Emma.  Last year, I was not yet prepared to share what happened, let alone process and begin a journey of healing. This year, I feel different. This year, I have decided something good can still come from this.
The truth is, their deaths were the result of years, and years, of domestic violence and bullying.
It is a surreal, heart-wrenching truth that took time to truly accept, without supression. As a result, I find myself resonating with so many causes, because of what my sister went through: Domestic Violence Awareness, the MeToo Movement, Stop Bullying, Suicide Prevention, Child Abuse Prevention….
I have vowed to add a page to each of my blogs, devoted to movements and causes that I wanted to share. The response has been extraordinary.
This year, I am taking that one step farther. I’m starting an organization called Bloggers United, that will ask thousands of bloggers and influencers, to post, share, and encourage charitable outreach from their followers, at the same time, just 4 times a year.  Imagine the power behind thousands, and potentially millions, of bloggers and other influencers, speaking out about the same cause at the same time.  This is how change can happen.
I will be sharing the website shortly, where those of you who wish to join, can sign up.
In the meantime, I’d like to say thank you, to those friends who have continually reached out and asked how they can help. I’d also like to say thank you, to those of you who shared your own story. I’m so extremely grateful- this was a huge inspiration in moving forward, and something that I will always hold close to my heart.
Love and light to all. <3
Free Bird Canvas Art by my sister, Cristi B
This painting was done by my sister, Cristi B. She was an extraordinarily talented artist that poured her soul into her artwork. This painting was inspired by Maya Angelou’s, “Caged Bird” poem. The poem resonated with her because of all that she had gone through, and was referenced in some of her last words. “Don’t cry for me, for I am free.” More of my sister’s artwork can be found on her site:

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