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  1. A couple of edits:
    The course will be officially be available April 5th, 2022 (edit be)
    Drink water (perhaps with lemon.) Not only does does this help keep your body hydrated so you can think straight… (edit does)

  2. Airplane mode also keeps your subconscious from noticing the light changes in the room when you get even a silent alert. It also really lowers the EMF you experience on a 24 hour total, and EMF at night is very bad if you desire to sleep well.

    I do a walking meditation, where I quiet my mind and am open to “down loads”. Even doing the dishes etc can be a open eye meditation if you allow it to be.

    Also your feedback form will not recognize my url

  3. In part 5 above you say to break out an old fashioned iPad, otherwise known as a “pencil and paper.””

    I think you mean to say writing pad…

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