I’m asked this question so frequently, I decided to write an actual post covering the topic.  In fact, it is one of the most common questions I receive from someone starting a new blog.


  1. Don’t choose a topic, simply because others are making money from it. I cannot stress this enough. It is one of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make, and it is not a strategy for longterm success.  Not only will you be writing about something that will get old fast… but your readers will feel the “money hunger.” Just don’t do it. More money will come from choosing a topic that you love.
  2. I strongly advise you not choose a topic that is commonly against most TOS. Avoid topics of scrutiny as well.  I strongly advise not choosing: pornography, racism, hate topics, drugs. If you go down this route, expect hassles from social media TOS (it sucks to be banned from pinterest,) affiliate program TOS, and even Google. Just say no. There are plenty of other fish in the sea.


  1. Choose a topic that you are passionate about. I cannot stress this enough. Never choose a topic simply because it’s a money-maker. You want to choose something you truly enjoy writing about, learning about, AND sharing.
  2. Choose a topic OTHERS are also passionate about. It’s great if you love it, but you also need a topic, or a spin, that others love as well.
  3. Can you see yourself making videos, being in documentaries and really advocating the topic?  If it’s something you don’t want to put your face on, chances are, it’s not the right topic for you.
  4. Start out with only ONE blog. Don’t split your efforts amongst several.  While you may have more blogs in the future, it is best to start one at a time, and especially when it requires a learning curve. Learn first, then expand.

How to come up with a blog topic that is right for YOU

  1. Start by creating a list of topics you are interested in.  Choose from your own hobbies, habits, lifestyle, experience, etc.


The Checklist:

Ask yourself these questions before settling on your blog subject:

  1. Am I excited to  write about, learn about, AND share my topic?
  2. Are others excited to read and share my topic?
  3. Is my topic within the rules of TOS for major search engines, social media platforms, and affiliate programs?


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