Starting a New Blog From A to Z (Part 1 Case Study)

Starting a blog: example Nu Mom Restore 316

Head’s up my bloggers! This is a yet-to-be-edited ongoing journal of a project I am currently working on.  Feel free to read it, but by all means, ask questions if anything doesn’t seem clear yet.  I’ll be updating several times a day as I make progress.  Happy blogging! While I’ve written several tutorials and shared […]

The Start of Bloggers United

Free Bird Canvas Art by my sister, Cristi B

It was 2 Years ago yesterday, that my little sister, Cristi, took her own life, along with my beautiful niece, Emma.  Last year, I was not yet prepared to share what happened, let alone process and begin a journey of healing. This year, I feel different. This year, I have decided something good can still […]

A New Blog, Again.

For years, I kept a personal blog at blogbrilliant, and  Call me crazy, but I felt it was time to start anew, and provide all new resources and tutorials on a domain that I’ve been hoarding for “something good.”  Well, this is it.  I’m excited to be starting fresh, and not have to worry […]